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bloody the chicken is a character from tnai. she is more of a friendly type of animatronic at first but she betrays you at night 2-10. she always stays somewhere near mandy since there best friends. icey the wolf is her crush. she has red feathers and has orange eyes. she has a bibe that says lets pie for some reason?? she isnt very tall but she matchs up somewhere to chica the chickens height from FNAF. All the animatronics at iceys seem to find her

annoying but she is very helpful.


She is kind and helpful but she can be naive sometimes and tends to be forget full of things at times.


icey use to like her but he had moved on. she still likes him though and always will but she is kind of getting a crush on sharptooth now, for some strange reason??


she has no powers but in the game she has 1 jumpscare. shes able to go through the vents and or the doors (LEFT)

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